Stickman Skate Battle

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Pack your skateboard and join the ultimate Stickman Skate Battle multiplayer PVP experience. Battle with your friends and all people around the world in 1vs1 matches in astonishing, beautiful, hand designed skate parks. Perform spectacular tricks and combinations trying to beat your opponent to get his coins and get a chance to participate in the best high stake world events. Daily and weekly tournaments, freeride, 1vs1 matches, challenges and domination are just few of the awesome features waiting for you right now.

  • Realtime multiplayer PVP
  • 10 beautiful designed and hand crafted skate parks
  • 22 different skilled characters including Stickman, Spaceman, Foxy, Beach Girl, Ghost and many more
  • 32 skateboards with different abilities including Danger, Natural, Arrow and Hoverboard.
  • Крутой скейтборд на андроид.
  • 15 special tricks including Christ Air, Method, Rocket Air, Stiffy and many more
  • 10 events to battle against all players around the world
  • Full controller support
  • Leaderboards, Tournaments, Daily Prizes, Player invitations, Friend Challenges, Revenges, Leagues, and so much more

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Игра Stickman Skate Battle относится к жанру Аркады и добавлена в наш каталог 13-07-2017, 14:18. По статистике она имеет более 3091 загрузок и 4.8 бала средний рейтинг, который выставили пользователи. Ниже представлены игры которые, так же решили скачать на андроид телефон или планшет пользователи сайта.

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